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HouseSpotters proposition is simple: offer an inexpensive alternative to the existing high street estate agents.

HouseSpotters where looking to produce a local television commercial, social media campaign and outdoor advertising. Something to promote their fixed fee offering. Discussing with the Creative Producer he spotted an opportunity to create a truly memorable campaign led by a ‘unique’ character.

The conversation went along these lines: “What would the love child of Alexa, a home device, a Cylon and a Glaswegian grandad look like?” A concept evolved and Hamish5000 was born.

Written and directed by the creative producer at nexus24, my role as art director on the shoot was: set location and dressing and the best task… designing Hamish5000.

To see how the wee eejit was made, flip through the slider above.

Project created whilst working with nexus24 –